Amazing production quality. I really enjoyed every moment of this video!


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(First Name: G + Second Name: T = GT Armstrong...maybe meant to be?! Haha.)

An automotive and mechanical educational journey resulting in automotive and mechanical educational content.


I have a vivid recollection of the sounds of my grandfather welding and the smell of melting tig mixing with old motor oil soaked into the garage floor, as he worked on his classic Mercedes Benz.

This left an indelible impression on me: He needed no one; He was capable; He was free.

We need more people like him in the world. I hope I'm able to inspire this with these videos.

Wonderful, thank you. This video is fantastic. I have a slow coolant leak on my 1987 951 and your video has given me the confidence to try and find it.


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Wow! Great production quality and amazing info! Very clear and engaging! Came here looking for info since my 944 is in the shop with engine issues. Found the right place.


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