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It has been an unbelievable privilege to learn at the feet of some of the best and brightest executives, thinkers, experts, and industry leaders - many of these I have had the pleasure of interviewing for various mediums and for audiences all over the world.

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Q: What Is A Masterclass?

When the term "Masterclass" suddenly popped up on our screens and in our feeds a few years ago, I became very excited - finally...

Q: To Webinar or Not To Webinar?

There are some amazingly comprehensive articles and posts about how to build out and take advantage of the current "Webinar Craze" - like this...

SureSwipe – An Intrapreneurial Success Story

Do you feel the entrepreneurial bug biting but don't have the risk appetite to leave your current employment? Intrapreneurship could be the answer!...

Impact vs Spend: How Do You Maximise Your Efforts?

Whether in the public or private sector, running a non-profit or business, the ever-present question imposed on us is: How Do You Maximise The...

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